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General tech discussion topic

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:19 pm
by KingAndy
There wasn't a specific topic to discuss technology around here yet, without either creating one more new topic to end up forgotten with only a couple posts, or using the general discussion chat one - so I created one. So, well, feel free to use it for anything tech related!

To start the discussion, a topic internet is already filled with - iPhone 7. I personally don't appreciate Apple's smartphones because the OS and their policies, neither most of their other devices (my mother owns an iPhone 6, so I'm really familiar with the subject), but I have to agree it's an interesting smartphone. I'm not going to say it's innovative because it's not, after all everything Apple flagged as new already existed before in other devices (Sony has been making water and dust resistant phones for ages and so does Samsung, the dual camera technology was created by Huawey and the removal of the audio jack was already done is some chinese phones), and tbh it's probably the generation with least improvements and new content Apple presented until now.

The new dual camera seems to be really good, I'd like to get my hands on one of those to try out, but it's only avaliable on the Plus model, so you could get the Huawey P9 with the same technology for a substancially cheaper price. The lack of audio jack does really bother me - I don't see much of a problem on "killing" it, even though it's a standard nowadays it is outdated, but the fact no longer the iPhone allows to use earphones while charging (which, for most people, might be something quite frequent to happen) without buying Bluetooth ones (much more expensive) or even Apple's new earpods, coming with a bunch of quite useless functions and the same price of my own smartphone (at least I hope the audio quality has improved from the previous, wired earpods, that I really disliked). Wouldn't it be much easier to include *two* USB-C ports?

Finally - gaming. Apple invested on some gaming presentation which looked really promising, and even made a partnership with Nintendo to deliver a temporary exclusive game to iOS - Super Mario Run (wait, didn't Mr. Iwata said Nintendo wouldn't go into mobile games? Oh, nevermind...) - well, that's not the kind of games I enjoy, I'm not really into casual games, but I guess that would make some other Nintendo fans to consider to move to iPhone.

With all of this, of course Apple took the oportunity to increase a bit more the price of their devices, to the point the most expensive model costs the same as a top-end gaming rig.

What do you guys think about the newest Apple smartphone? Is it another overpriced device or does it actually worth it? Will we see more USB-C without audio jack and dual camera smartphones in the future, thanks to Apple's move?

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:33 am
by Fuyunyan
Good idea. ;)

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:21 pm
by KingAndy
Have any of you already tried Google's newest messaging app Allo (both avaliable for iOS and Android)? Even though it's already the third messaging app they release (previously Hangouts which combines SMS and Google+; and Messenger, a SMS only app), it's quite promising and offers some really cool features.

It seems something like Whatsapp and iMessage, but it doesn't require an account since it's only tied to your phone number, and you're able to contact other people trough your phone contacts, even though the messages are sent trough internet. If the other person uses an Android device (apparently the app can identify that beforehand, because if the contact uses an iPhone it automatically changes to your SMS app) but doesn't have the app, you can still contact them and they'll receive your message on a notification box which they can answer trough it.

Another worth to mention feature is the AI assistant, which appeaars as a regular contact and you can text him questions it'll (sometimes) correctly answer with relevant web arcticles, suggestions and such, much like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana.

The new upcoming Microsoft Windows paint

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:19 pm
by carfan1061
Computer Active wrote:

Microsoft is working on a new version of paint program that will let you draw on screen, add 'stickers' and create 3D objects. These would be the most advanced tools ever in paint, but Microsoft insists that anyone can use them, regardless of "age, ability or ambition".

Leaked details suggest that the company is planning to completely redesign the tool, and add new features. It wants paint to be seen as a more serious rival to image-editing software like Paint.Net ( and Gimp (

A demonstration video on YouTube ( shows an artist using the new Paint with touchscreen pen on a Surface Pro, Microsoft's laptop-tablet hybrid.

The 3D creations she draws highlights the limitations of the existing version of Paint, in which you can draw only simple images with virtual paintbrush and predefined shapes.

In another video ( Microsoft's 'artist in residence', Paul Kercal, transforms a vase of flowers from 2D to 3D.


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