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Who won this race in the desert road?
Veyron vs. Reventon

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Very rare bug.
Rare MM2 bug

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Midtown Madness 1 FilesMidtown Madness Colors Ultimate vFinal
Author : Vwp914, axelrod2704, Giga (MadManMammoth/NotoriousA), TigerHawk (Panoz) Mod Type : N/A
Size : 32.68 MB Added On : Jan 29th 2022 1:52am
Views : 778 Downloads : 239
Posts needed : 0 Permissions : All Visitors
Version : Final Ratings : 0 / 10 

This colors pack mod expands the additional paintjobs included with MM1 Revisited V3 mod bringing the total number of paintjobs for every vehicle up to 12. Red Rocket and Monster Truck are also provided with brand new colors. Check Readme file for more info.

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