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BMW in Bay City

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Hot wheels style!
Epic MM2 stunt 2

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Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Download the latest drivers for your graphics-card.
Please read the Midtown Madness 2 Readme that comes with the game, it's on your CD and in your main Midtown Madness 2 directory.
Just press "Print" on your keyboard, close the game, open an image software like MS Paint and click on paste, then save the file!
Delete that file or try to find the file that make this problem (it can be another downloaded file).
To use the sirens of any add-on cop car and avoid a game crash when is trying to use them, you must put in the game folder also the addon_vehtypes.ar file, usually included in the cop car archive. Get the most updated one, made to let work any cop car available for MM2, here.
Because you are using an add-on car that the other players do not have, therefore they default to the Mini Cooper.
The authors of MM2 did not put this feature in. Some cars have them when the reverse gear is on because they are part of the reverse light object and uses an animated texture; anyway, there's no way to have switchable ones.
This happens because there are too add-on .ar files in your game folder. Take out some of them, especially the ones of the unused add-on cars and tracks, until the game won't be able to work properly.
This problem happens using Windows XP or Windows Vista as operating system. To solve it download the game patch from here and install it;

after, download the Speedboot from here, extract the Midtown2.exe file in the archive and replace the one in your game folder with this.

Now the game won't take anymore too much time to start after have launched it.
Yes, it is. This is possible using an external program called D3D Windower, that allows to run in window any 3D application when it can run only in full screen. Check this tutorial to know how get the program and use it.
Really downloaded add-on vehicles work on downloaded add-on tracks, but it's not for all of them, especially for the ones with very detailed 3D models. Is always suggested to play an add-on track without have played one of the game cities before, SF and London, otherwise there could be problems.

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