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Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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You can't get on Alcatraz in SF with the default Midtown Madness 2 vehicles and without a mod. Use the Drive on Water Mod to be able to get there; as alternative, there are some mods that add bridges to reach the island.
We don't know, we didn't develop the game. Although it can help when you use your handbrake while waiting in front of a trafficlight.
Once again, we don't know. Maybe you made his donut dirty?
Lots of luck, also because in this game mode there isn't the possibility to change the vehicles with the ones that you want, for none of the events. Or, use this completed savegame with any race done and all the game cars and paintjobs unlocked.
The in-game Freightliner Century didn't come with a trailer, sorry.
In MM2 the cop cars always start to chase you, but only 3 cop cars can follow you at a time.
There's only 1 cheat in MM2:
Start a race, press the key "Y" to open the chat box. Type in "/blubber".
Now, go to a jump or crash into a building, your car will bounce around and you can get insane altitude!

Ps: the ones for MM1 don't work in MM2.
If you're using a downloaded add-on car, you have to expect this. A lot of add-ons cars have the problem of hard gold dropping during a C'n'R mode gameplay.
Isn't possible to get on the Bay Bridge in SF, because it's just a simple object used as background.
But, due to the MM2 Revisited v2.0 mod released by Dummiesboy, is possible to drive on it; this mod replaces, adds and edits a lot of things of the game cities, like indeed the replacing of the old Bay Bridge with a new one. There isn't traffic on it because is pratically impossible do this. Get it here.
You can use the time stop cheat by pressing the F2 key and then by pressing twice the key Q. Now you have all the time to destroy the car in this Crash Course event.
Yes, it is. Press the key V to switch to the free movable camera and using the keys Ins, Del, Home, End, PagUp and PagDw control the zoom and the rotation around the player car; keep one of the Shift keys pressed white using the others to do the actions faster. This kind of camera has some limits, though.
The Cops and Robbers is an online multiplayer gameplay mode of MM2. It consist to catch an object, a gold bar, and bring it to its gate, called Bank, but the other players will smash against you to steal the gold bar. Wins who have brought more golds in a cartain time limit. To play it a minimum of two players are required. To play it was used the MSN Gaming Zone, so now there are some ways.
MM2 in multiplayer can be played only online. To do this was used the MSN Gaming Zone, a service now no more available. Now are used different ways to play it online. One is to create a LAN network with the Hamachi program and use it to do TCP/IP multiplayer gameplays. The best way is to download and use and old games multiplayer client like IGZ and GameRanger.
It could be just a mistake made by the game developers. At the moment there's no fix for it, but a such small problem doesn't deserve one.

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