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Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Download a vehicle by clicking on the link; use WinZip or WinRar to open the file; extract the .ar file into your MM2 directory, that's by default C:, Program Files, Microsoft Games, Midtown Madness 2. Start Midtown Madness 2 and goto the Vehicle Selection screen; select the new vehicle by left-clicking the up/down arrow next to the vehicle name. Go grive!
Look for the car's .ar file in the game directory (usually the name of the file has something to do with the car's model, brand, etc.), and simply delete it.
Only specific cars are designed for NOS. If your car is NOS-enabled, press the spacebar to activate it. With the program MM2 Ultimate Tweaker available here is possible to add the NOS effect to any player car that it's able to open. The same effect can be get with the normal brake instead.
Unfortunately Midtown Madness 2 was not designed with this feature, but there are a few HQTM-Team vehicles (notably their BMW M3 and their Volkswagon Bus) which have warning lights when you back up. More cars with this features are available now.
You have too many addon vehicles in your MM2 directory. Try removing a few. This problem isn't clear if it's given by some conflict between some add-on files so far, but that's the solution.
Download the Car Skin Changer tool from their website and follow the tutorial in it.
No. Unfortunately the game did not get that technical when it came to the operation of the cars.
You have to remove some of them from the game folder because the game isn't able to read too much add-on .ar files, especially the too big ones. More big are the .ar files and less of them you have to put in the game folder to avoid the game loading crash or the game crash while you're selecting a car to play.
It could be a problem related with your player profile because you have deleted the last used car using one of its last colors; running again the game and going to select the vehicle to use, the game crashes because it selects the last car present in the list but that hasn't the same colors number of the previous deleted one. Replace yours with this one and then configure the game options.

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