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Nice circuit.. :p
ps is it possible to have a large-area ciruit like the Nurburgring?
Thanks.. :)
GTR @ Dover Speedway

Added by S3N52

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Very rare bug.
Rare MM2 bug

Added by Seahawk

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Midtown Madness ScreenShots

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Submitted by GunzTheDuel

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get out of the way cop your pushing my car

Media Description

get out of the way cop your pushing my car

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Submitted by: GunzTheDuel
Added: 31 Mar 2007 15:44:37
Filename: 0f52857d9bb80ce.JPG
Size: [1280 x 1024 JPG]
Viewed: 2016 times
Votes: 2 times
Rating: 10.0 Point

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5 Member ThePoliceJunkyard
(20 Mar 2008 10:49:52)
The outer left pedestrian is funny. Heeehehehe!

4 Member Audi Forever
(28 May 2007 15:32:26)
Evertime I see one of your pictures they have either drunk people or street performers, cool! Also I'm starting a MM2 comic book and someone else is to.
See the other comic at MMArcive, it's awsome!

3 Member jeff24
(12 May 2007 02:37:56)
i was about to say the same about the pedestrians

2 Member GunzTheDuel
(21 Apr 2007 01:41:06)

1 Member MrTracker
(15 Apr 2007 11:24:13)
The pedestrians are drunk again.